Watch Nick Díaz y Robbie Lawler II Live Online

The main card of UFC 266 will bring us a fight we’ve been waiting years for: Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler II, a rematch of the war they had at UFC 47, in 2004, which was a knockout victory for the bad boy from Stockton in a duel that got everyone fired up.

Watch  Nick Díaz y Robbie Lawler II Live Online

Nick and Robbie’s first live bout was when they were 20 and 22 years old and already famous for how hard they hit and for their style; they loved dogfighting and dared everyone to crash into them.

The out of control favored Diaz, who knocked Lawler out in the second round, after provoking him and giving a master class on how to punch and get out of his opponent’s reach.

Nick is a master of jiu jitsu but he boxes so well that he prefers to clinch with clean punches to prove that no one has his guapeza. After beating Lawler, Nick signed with Strikeforce and was unstoppable: he became champion and defended three times, always as a welterweight. From there he returned to UFC, where he fought for the title and where we enjoyed him until 2015. Six years later, we will enjoy him again.

“Ruthless” also knew absolute success: he competed in Strikeforce as a middleweight, where he was a contender for the belt and returned to UFC, where he was crowned welterweight champion and defended his title twice, in spectacular fights against Rory McDonald and Carlos Condit, whom he stunned with punches.

Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler were two of the most fearsome champions of their generation. They have experience, the desire to have fun, and most importantly, the desire to make it clear that the old boss is still alive and well.

Without much more to say we see that we are facing an important fight that surely no one will want to miss live online.

Watch Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler II live online

This fight we will be able to watch live online on ESPN+.

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