Result Event UFC DWCS Season 5, Episode 2: Tue, September 7, 2021

Dana White Announces UFC Contract Winners | Week 2 – Contender Series Season 5

UFC President Dana White announces who earned a contract with the promotion thanks to their performance in the debut episode of Dana White’s Contender Series Season 5.

Logan Urban vs Josh Quinlan

Official Result: Josh Quinlan def. Logan Urban by TKO (strikes) at 0:47 of Round 1

Josh Quinlan gets it done on DWCS (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Urban took the center of the cage to start, Quinlan content to stay on the outside and look for an opening. When he stepped in to close the distance, the Hawaiian blasted the short-notice replacement with a hellacious right hand, putting Urban on rubber legs.

While the Ohio native stayed upright, Quinlan chased him down and continued throwing, blasting him with a series of right hands, chopping Urban down a little more with each blow, prompting referee Mike Beltran to jump in and stop the fight.

What an absolutely brilliant showing from Josh Quinlan on Tuesday, September 7, 2021!

Mario Sousa vs Chidi Njokuani

Official Result: Chidi Njokuani def. Mario Sousa by TKO (strikes) at 1:35 of Round 3

Njokuani celebrates the big win on DWCS (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

The middleweights traded kicks at range early, each man making reads, taking their time to begin the contest, Sousa landing hard to the outside of the lead leg twice. They continued trading kicks for the next minute, with Sousa finally closing the distance after Njokuani slipped on the canvas, only to have the long-time veteran take the control position on the fence.

As they battled in the clinch, Sousa connected with a flush knee below the belt, pausing the action. Njokuani wisely took several minutes to recover, refusing to rush back into the fray while compromised, with referee Herb Dean giving Sousa a hard warning for the foul.

They touched gloves and the fight restarted with roughly half of the round remaining, the kick-heavy chess match continuing briefly before Sousa pressed forward, resulting in a scramble. Njokuani landed in the control position on the fence and Sousa once again landed low, halting the action again.

Njokuani again took his time recovering, and Dean took a point from Sousa for the second illegal blow. They restarted once more with just over a minute remaining, with Sousa showing a little more urgency with his hands, with Njokuani sniping clean counters, prompting the Brazilian to initiate the clinch and pull guard, giving Njokuani the opportunity to work from top position through to the horn.

Njokuani came forward to start the second, and when Sousa looked to rush forward and throw, the veteran connected with a counter strike that stopped him in his tracks. Clinched along the fence, Njokuani landed at will inside, mixing in knees to the body and strikes to the head as Sousa looked to work free. The Brazilian changed levels and looked for a takedown, dragging Njokuani to the canvas, but the Texas native quickly reversed position, attacking from inside Sousa’s guard.

While Sousa tried to look for openings, Njokuani flowed with him, battering the Brazilian with elbows and punches from top position. As Sousa tried to control wrists, Njokuani happily banged home more elbows, avoiding every small opening the Brazilian manufactured, floating through scrambles and punishing Sousa all the while.

Njokuani walked down Sousa to start the third, grabbing the Thai clinch and felling the Brazilian with a knee to the midsection, following him to the canvas and resuming the offensive onslaught he delivered to close the second round.

Working in front of his corner, Njokuani poured on the pressure, forcing Sousa to cover up and Dean to stop the fight.

Just a tremendous all-around effort from the veteran middleweight to get the stoppage, pushing his record to 20-7 in the process.

Saimon Oliveira vs Jose Alday

Official Result: Saimon Oliveira def. Jose Alday by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Oliveira opened up with kicks and a spinning backfist attempt, coming forward and offering offense as Alday happily waited to counter and figure out his timing. That paid off just a few ticks after the first minute, as Alday cracked Oliveira with a clean combination, prompting the Brazilian to look to respond and the pace of the contest to quicken.

Oliveira continued to look for kicks and spinning attacks, coming up empty on the spins each time, but it allowed him to get inside and elevate Alday to the canvas, landing in top position midway through the round. Oliveira patiently worked to side control and looked to establish position to attack an arm-triangle choke, but ran out of time before the horn sounded.

The Brazilian again offered a spinning attack and missed, creating an opportunity for Alday to land a solid punch in return, following it with a digging uppercut to the midsection. Oliveira looked for a takedown, but the Mexican veteran stuffed it and reversed him into the fence, the duo trading knees in the clinch.

They broke into space with three minutes remaining in the round and resumed throwing big shots at each other, with Alday landing clean and Oliveira responding in kind. A low kick knocked Oliveira off balance and he missed another spin, but still managed to chase down Alday and initiate the clinch, only to have the position reversed. Back in space again, Alday chopped at the lead leg once more and landed a clean left hand, only for Oliveira to return fire again, keeping things close between the warring bantamweights heading into the final round.

Oliveira started the third with a flying knee attempt that fell short and the two started slugging it out, firing hammers in close quarters, with the Brazilian connecting with a straight right hand and stunning Alday. Surprisingly, Oliveira took the fight to the canvas, landing in Alday’s guard, providing the Mexican fighter a chance to recover before trying to work back to his feet.

Two minutes in, Alday got back to his feet and they broke into space with half of the round remaining. Alday called Oliveira in and the Brazilian obliged, driving through a takedown and putting him on the canvas in the center of the cage. Once again, the action on the ground was limited, with Oliveira looking to pass and Alday simply trying to tie him up and stall.

Back up with 30 seconds remaining, Oliveira called Alday in and hit him with two good shots, with the Mexican veteran looking to respond at the horn, sending the decision to the judges.

When the tens and nines were tallied, the officials were once again split, with two of the three seeing things for Oliveira.

Carlos C.J. Vergara vs Bruno Korea

Official Result: CJ Vergara def. Bruno Korea by TKO (knee to the body) at 0:41 of Round 1

CJ Vergara celebrates his win on Dana White’s Contender Series Season 5, Episode 2 (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Vergara came out pressuring Korea right away, clipping him with a right hook out of the chute that got the Brazilian’s attention, and he never let off the gas. He continued pressing forward behind his hands, forcing Korea to look to clinch, and as they started to break apart, Vergara buried a knee into Korea’s midsection, folding the former Ultimate Fighter contestant over in pain, bringing the fight to an immediate halt.

Just a beautiful performance from the Pete Spratt protege against a talented, experienced opponent.

Muin Gafurov vs Chad Anheliger

Official Result: Chad Anheliger def. Muin Gafurov by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

It took all of 30 seconds for Gafurov to change levels and drive through a takedown, putting Anheliger on his backside in the center of the Octagon. Though he worked his way to the fence and tried to stand, Gafurov stayed sticky and returned the Canadian to the canvas, climbing on his back and sinking in his hooks.

While Anheliger looked to scramble, Gafurov continued to stay with him, floating through every transition through the opening half of the round. As they continued to grapple, Anheliger worked his way to top position, landing in side control before they stood and reset with two minutes remaining in the round.

Back on the feet, Anheliger dropped the Tajik fighter with a knee up the middle, continuing to throw offense from top position while Gafurov looked to recover and remain active off his back. Gafurov recovered and they ended the frame battling along the fence, the momentum shifting into Anheliger’s favor heading into the second round.

Early in the second, Anheliger attacked with low kicks, taking Gafurov off balance and prompting the grappler to shoot for a takedown. While “The Monster” grabbed onto a guillotine, he couldn’t lock it down, resulting in Gafurov landing heavy punches from top position. Anheliger threw up an armbar attempt that resulted in a scramble, but Gafurov remained tight on his back, grabbing a waist lock as they battled along the fence, kicking out Anheliger’s foot and climbing on his back as they hit the canvas.

Anheliger swiftly reversed position and allowed Gafurov to get back to his feet, hitting him with a sharp elbow. As they traded along the fence, an errant knee from Gafurov landed low, prompting a pause in the action and a stern warning from referee Mike Beltran.

Restarted with two minutes remaining in the round, they went right back into the clinch, with Gafurov elevating Anheliger and depositing him on the canvas, settling into half guard, spending the rest of the round stationed in the position with Gafurov finishing the round with a little ground-and-pound.

Gafurov began the third closing the distance behind an overhand right, getting in on Anheliger’s hips, searching for a takedown, only for the Canadian to defend and break free into space. Stationed on the Howler Head logo in the center of the Octagon, Anheliger picked at Gafurov with strikes, prompting the Tajik fighter to close the distance. Once more, Anheliger stuffed the takedown and sniped from range, resulting in another level change and takedown attempt from Gafurov.

Anheliger again stayed upright and broke free, connecting with shots in space and landing in top position after a sloppy clinch attempt from Gafurov with 90 seconds remaining in the fight. As they got back to their feet, it was Gafurov who let loose a clean left hand while looking to close the distance, but Anheliger wore it well, with the two men trading punches through to the final horn.

This was a solid scrap to start the night and a closely contested battle, with the judges being tasked with determining the victor. When the scores were tallied, it was Anheliger that came out on the happy side of the split decision verdict, extending his unbeaten streak to nine in the process.


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