Result Event UFC DWCS Season 5, Episode 3: Tue, September 14, 2021

Dana White Announces UFC Contract Winners | Week 3 – Contender Series Season 5

UFC President Dana White announces who earned a contract with the promotion thanks to their performance in the debut episode of Dana White’s Contender Series Season 5.

Jailton Almeida vs Nasrudin Nasrudinov

Official Result: Jailton Almeida def. Nasrudin Nasrudinov at 1:49 of Round 2

Jailton Almeida reacts after his victory over Nasrudin Nasrudinov in a light heavyweight fight during Dana White’s Contender Series season five week three at UFC APEX on September 14, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Much to everyone’s surprise, Almeida was the one to shoot right out of the gate, closing the distance and changing levels, but Nasrudinov quickly reversed the position and put the Brazilian on the canvas, the two locked into a stalemate along the fence. They worked back to their feet and Almeida stayed sticking on Nasrudinov’s waist, powerfully returning him to the canvas and climbing onto his back, sinking in one hook.

Nasrudinov defended well, fighting off the choke attempt, but Almeida continued to remain tight to his body. This time, however, Nasrudinov reversed the position, putting Almeida on his back with two minutes to work. The Brazilian created space, elevating Nasrudinov and chasing a leg lock from his back.

While there was nothing doing, it did create an opportunity for Almeida to get back to his feet, where Nasrudinov welcomed him with a heavy low kick, only for the Brazilian to again take him down with a beautiful outside trip, finishing the round peppering with shots and searching for yet another takedown.

Seconds into the second round, Almeida again collected Nasrudinov around the waist and put him on the canvas, sinking in one hook and keeping the Russian from spinning by controlling his wrist. He patiently worked to get the sink hook in, fished his arm under the neck, and locked up the choke, leaving Nasrudinov no choice but to tap.

The Brazilian instantly broke down in tears, overjoyed with the victory and what it likely means, closing out the show with a dominant performance and a massive upset win.

Brandon Lewis vs Mo Miller

Official Result: Mo Miller def. Brandon Lewis by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Mo Miller punches Brandon Lewis in a bantamweight fight during Dana White’s Contender Series season five week three at UFC APEX on September 14, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Things started out tactical in this one, with Miller stalking forward and Lewis content to work on the outside, looking to attack with low kicks. Because of the height disparity, he struggled to land too many of those kicks as Miller looked to land long range punches before chasing forward, closing the distance and dragging this fight to the floor.

On the canvas, Miller was in complete control, peppering Lewis with short punches before putting his shoulders on the canvas, working from inside his guard for all but the final 10 seconds of the round.

Lewis again came out looking to chip away with the low calf kicks, having some success initially before Miller pressed forward and backed him towards the fence. Lewis circled out well and connected with another hard low kick that got Miller’s attention, but the wrestler responded by sticking a sharp jab in Lewis’ mug that busted him up and created an opportunity to wrestle.

Just as he did in the first round, Miller easily put Lewis on the deck and controlled things from top position, keeping the Florida-based fighter stuffed up against the cage, landing sporadic ground-and-pound and not giving Lewis a chance to land anything of substance or get back to his feet.

Lewis worked forward to start the third, pressuring Miller and attacking with those same low kicks, but once again, the former All-American changed levels and continued to work for the takedown, staying with it until he put Lewis’ shoulders on the canvas. Lewis tried to attack from body, but Miller refused to give him any real space to work, keeping Lewis’ hips covered and peppering with short shots from top position.

Lewis created space and worked back to his feet with a little over 90 seconds remaining, coming forward and attacking with strikes, only to have Miller drop down, turn the corner, and put him on the canvas one more time, grinding out the final minute from top position.

This was a one-sided, wrestling-heavy showing from Miller, who dominated on the canvas and remains undefeated after sweeping the scorecards. While this wasn’t the most exciting effort of the night, it was a dominant showing from the Strong Style Fight Team representative, but will it be enough to secure him a contract at the end of the night?

Albert Duraev vs Caio Bittencourt

Official Result: Albert Duraev def. Ciao Bittencourt by submission (neck crank) at 3:29 of Round 1

Albert Duraev celebrates his victory over Caio Bittencourt on Dana White’s Contender Series Season 5 Episode 3

Bittencourt came out firing long-range weapons, attacking with low kicks and long strikes, but Duraev took it all and quickly pressed forward, taking Bittencourt to the canvas. While the Brazilian tried to work free, Duraev was able to keep him on the canvas, climbing into mount before wrapping up wrist control and bombarding Bittencourt with a steady stream of short, persistent punches.

Try as he might to build his way back to his feet, Bittencourt could not get there and Duraev switched gears, clamping onto a neck crank, flattening the Brazilian out and collecting the tap.

From there, the 32-year-old Xtreme Couture representative went and had a little chat with Dana White, asking the UFC President if he liked the performance (he did) and telling him he’d smash anyone in the division.

Just a dominant effort from Duraev from start to finish, all three-and-a-half minutes of it.

Lukasz Brzeski vs Dylan Potter

Official Result: Lukasz Brzeski def. Dylan Potter by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:51 of Round 3

Lukasz Brzeski submits Dylan Potter on Dana White’s Contender Series Season 5, Episode 3

There was no feeling out process with the heavyweights, as Potter came forward to get in Brzeski’s face right out of the chute, only to have the Polish fighter respond with a pair of heavy leg kicks. They continued slinging at one another in bunches for the next minute before the early energy waned a little and the output slowed.

Just ahead of the two minute mark, Brzeski put Potter on the deck with an outside low kick, crowding him along the fence and working from top position, attacking with punches and elbows while easily avoiding an armbar attempt. Potter hit a nifty reversal off the fence, kicking off the wall to escape over the back of Brzeski and get back to his feet with roughly 90 seconds remaining in the round, with the pace slowing dramatically, Brzeski landing the significantly better blows, but also showing signs of fatigue as the horn sounded.

Brzeski went right back to the calf kick to start the second, prompting Potter to fire back wildly, with the striking getting a little sloppy. The Polish heavyweight closed the distance and initiated the clinch, but wasn’t able to do anything with it, as Potter worked free into space without taking any damage. Though he appeared to be the fresher, looser man, Potter couldn’t land any real significant offense, prompting Brzeski to again push forward and unload combinations, forcing the American to cover up along the fence.

Midway through the round, Brzeski forcibly slammed Potter to the canvas from a body lock, quickly climbing into a mounted crucifix position and attacking with elbows. While Potter was able to escape the trapped position, he remained turtled on the canvas, with Brzeski attacking with short punches for the remainder of the round.

Brzeski started the third with another low kick before backing Potter up with punches, returning to the same position along the fence where he finished the second, only for Potter to work his way free and into space. While Brzeski was clearly tired, he continued pressing forward and throwing, taking the fight to the wilting American, who showed a ton of grit and heart, but little in the way of effective offense.

With two minutes remaining, Brzeski dumped Potter to the canvas with an easy takedown, attacking with a no-hooks rear-naked choke. After readjusting his positioning, Brzeski attacked the choke again and the fight was halted.

Potter questioned why the fight was halted, saying he never tapped, and replays showed he was likely trying to peel Brzeski’s arm away.

While the finish may have been hurried, the final outcome was never in doubt, as Brzeski dominated the contest and was headed towards a victory.

Ange Loosa vs Jack Della Maddalena

Official Result: Jack Della Maddalena def. Ange Loosa by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Jack Della Maddalena elbows Ange Loose in their Dana White’s Contender Series bout on Season 5 Episode 3.

Right out of the gate, Loosa came forward, pumping the jab and landing outside low kicks, trying to get in rhythm quickly against the traditionally slow starting Australian. Following a frantic scramble where both men performed well, Della Maddalena began getting loose with his hands, landing a right hand to the side of the head that wobbled Loosa a little.

Once he started throwing, Della Maddalena controlled the remainder of the frame, switching stances, mixing his strikes, and catching Loosa with interrupting shots that kept the Sanford MMA representative from being able to settle in and land with frequency, forcing him to settle for single head shots that rarely found a home.

The crispness and cleanness of Della Maddalena’s strikes was on display early in the second as he put together a series of shots that stung Loosa, prompting a “that didn’t hurt me” head shake from the Switzerland native, a telltale sign that it did indeed hurt. The former rugby man continued pressing forward behind his hands, finding additional success before the fight was paused due to an inadvertent knee below the belt, earning Della Maddalena a warning and Loosa a chance to shake it off.

Restarted with roughly half the round remaining, Della Maddalena again connected in combination, peppering Loosa as they stood in close range of one another. But Della Maddalena slipped in the center of the cage and Loosa capitalized, chasing him to the canvas and locking up a deep arm triangle choke, forcing the Aussie to defend and work his way free, timing his explosion and scramble perfectly. Back on the feet for the final stretch of the round, Della Maddalena began throwing lead elbows, clipping Loosa with a pair right before the horn.

Taking the center to begin the third, Della Maddalena again started by picking at Loosa, defending an early takedown shot to keep the action on the feet. As it had been throughout the contest, Della Maddalena continued to throw and land combinations, snapping home punches with much greater frequency than Loosa, mixing in a takedown attempt just to keep his foe off balance.

Fighting in the third round for the first time in his career, Della Maddalena began to slow and Loosa started having a little more success, only to have the Australian dig deep and begin upping his output once again. Late in the round, Loosa changed levels and drove through a takedown attempt, putting Della Maddalena on his back, only to have the Perth native show more urgency and aggressive before working his way back to his feet. Down the stretch, Della Maddalena closed it out by throwing more volume, taking it to the bloodied Loosa through the horn.

For the second time this week, the judges were called upon to declare the winner and all three saw it the same way, awarding Della Maddalena a clean sweep of the scorecards.

Jasmine Jasudavicius vs Julia Polastri

Official Result: Jasmine Jasudavicius def. Julie Polastri by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

Jasudavicius vs Polastri Scorecards | Dana White’s Contender Series Season 5 Episode 3

The size difference between Jasudavicius and Polastri was apparent as soon as they walked out to the center to start the fight and came into play early as the Canadian patiently worked into the clinch and put Polastri on the deck. Once it got there, Jasudavicus never allowed the Brazilian to return to her feet, battering Polastri from top position, climbing to mount and opening up down the stretch with punches and elbows that made referee Mark Smith come in for a closer look.

Polastri came out of the corner throwing, catching Jasudavicius with a clean left hand and a high kick early in the second round, only to walk into a body lock that allowed the Niagara Falls native to take the fight to the ground. This time, Jasudavicius couldn’t find a way in and Polsatri got back to her feet, opening up with strikes again and calling Jasudavicius in. The Canadian obliged, changing levels and taking the fight to the canvas once more, only for Polastri to again work her way back up, with the two engaging in the clinch along the fence.

Jasudavicius controlled the action in close, logging knees to the midsection and forcing Polastri to carry her weight along the cage, but as they moved into space, the Brazilian again had success, sniping at the former CFFC title challenger, diversifying her strikes, and connecting with more than a couple solid blows prior to the end of the second.

Polastri continued walking down Jasudavicius and putting it on the Canadian to start the third, forcing her to move backwards while connecting with several solid shots as Jasudavicius’ energy bar continued to slide towards zero. Emboldened by her success, Polastri got a little over-confident and careless late in the round, allowing Jasudavicius to change levels and drive through a takedown, working to half guard and attacking with elbows, finishing the round and the fight in dominant fashion.

After the tens and nines were tallied, the judges all saw the fight the same way, awarding Jasudavicius the unanimous decision victory. With the win, the Canadian advances to 6-1, while Polastri falls to 8-3 with the loss.


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