Sean Strickland “Tarzan”

Sean Strickland "Tarzan" - UFC

COUNTRY: USACATEGORY: MiddleweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.85 m, 83 kgAGE: 27/2/1991 (30)TEAM: Millennia MMANICKNAME: TarzanGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.93 m Twitter of Sean Strickland “Tarzan” UFC

Kay Hansen

Kay Hansen – UFC

COUNTRY: USACATEGORY: Women’s StrawweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.57 m, 52 kgAGE: 14/8/1999 (22)TEAM: 10th Planet Jiu JitsuNICKNAME: Kay HansenGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.6 m Twitter of Kay Hansen – UFC

Jasmine Jasudavicius

Jasmine Jasudavicius – UFC

COUNTRY: CanadaCATEGORY: Women’s FlyweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.7 m, 56 kgAGE: 1/3/1989 (32)TEAM: Niagara Top TeamNICKNAME: Jasmine JasudaviciusGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.73 m Twitter of Jasmine Jasudavicius – UFC

Matt Frevola “The SteamRolla”

Matt Frevola "The SteamRolla" - UFC

COUNTRY: USACATEGORY: Lightweight HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.75 m, 70 kgAGE: 11/6/1990 (31)TEAM: Serra-Longo Fight TeamNICKNAME: The SteamRollaGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.8 m Twitter of Matt Frevola “The SteamRolla” – UFC

Viviane Araujo “Vivi”

Viviane Araujo "Vivi" - UFC

COUNTRY: BrazilCATEGORY: Women’s FlyweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.63 m, 57 kgAGE: 21/11/1986 (35)TEAM: Cerrado MMANICKNAME: ViviGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.73 m Twitter of Viviane Araujo “Vivi” – UFC

Alexa Grasso

Alexa Grasso - UFC

COUNTRY: MexicoCATEGORY: Women’s FlyweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.65 m, 56 kgAGE: 9/8/1993 (28)TEAM: Lobo Gym MMANICKNAME: Alexa GrassoGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.68 m Twitter of Alexa Grasso – UFC

Viacheslav Borshchev “Slava Claus”

Viacheslav Borshchev "Slava Claus" - UFC

COUNTRY: RussiaCATEGORY: Lightweight HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.8 m, 70 kgAGE: 8/1/1992 (29)TEAM: Team Alpha MaleNICKNAME: Slava ClausGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.75 m Twitter of Viacheslav Borshchev “Slava Claus” UFC

Kleidison Rodrigues “K.R.”

Kleidison Rodrigues "K.R." - UFC

COUNTRY: BrazilCATEGORY: FlyweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.68 m, 57 kgAGE: 22/10/1995 (26)TEAM: Team NogueiraNICKNAME: K.R.GUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.7 m

Michel Pereira Lima “Demolidor”

Michel Pereira Lima "Demolidor" - UFC

COUNTRY: BrazilCATEGORY: WelterweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.85 m, 77 kgAGE: 6/10/1993 (28)TEAM: Scorpion Fighting SystemNICKNAME: DemolidorGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.85 m Twitter of Michel Pereira Lima “Demolidor” UFC

Muslim Salikhov “King of Kung Fu”

Muslim Salikhov "King of Kung Fu" - UFC

COUNTRY: RussiaCATEGORY: WelterweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.8 m, 77 kgAGE: 9/6/1984 (37)TEAM: Berkut FCNICKNAME: King of Kung FuGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.78 m Twitter of Muslim Salikhov “King of Kung Fu” UFC