Marcelo Rojo “Pitbull”

Marcelo Rojo "Pitbull" - UFC

COUNTRY: ArgentinaCATEGORY: FeatherweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.73 m, 61 kgAGE: 2/7/1988 (33)TEAM: Entram GymNICKNAME: PitbullGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.8 m Twitter of Marcelo Rojo “Pitbull” UFC

Mark O. Madsen “The Olympian”

Mark O. Madsen "The Olympian" - UFC

COUNTRY: DenmarkCATEGORY: LightweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.73 m, 70 kgAGE: 23/9/1984 (36)TEAM: Rumble SportsNICKNAME: The OlympianGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.83 m UFC Next Fight: Mark Madsen “The Olympian” When is Mark Madsen’s next fight? It is the question that many ask themselves and here I tell you that it will take place next Saturday, August 21. Mark Madsen aka The

Fabio Cherant “Water Buffalo”

Fabio Cherant "Water Buffalo" - UFC

COUNTRY: USACATEGORY: Light HeavyweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.85 m, 93 kgAGE: 25/11/1994 (26)TEAM: –NICKNAME: Water BuffaloGUARD: SouthpawSCOPE: 1.88 m Twitter of Fabio Cherant “Water Buffalo” – UFC

Ed Herman “Short Fuse”

Ed Herman “Short Fuse” - UFC

COUNTRY: USACATEGORY: Light HeavyweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.85 m, 92 kgAGE: 2/10/1980 (40)TEAM: American Top Team PortlandNICKNAME: Short FuseGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.96 m Twitter of Ed Herman “Short Fuse” UFC

Ronnie Lawrence “The Heat”

Ronnie Lawrence “The Heat”

COUNTRY: USACATEGORY: BantamweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.73 m, 61 kgAGE: 13/6/1992 (29)TEAM: American Top TeamNICKNAME: The HeatGUARD: –SCOPE: 1.73 m Twitter of Ronnie Lawrence “The Heat” – UFC

Mana Martinez “Manaboi”

Mana Martinez "Manaboi" - UFC

COUNTRY: USACATEGORY: BantamweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.78 m, 61 kgAGE: 25/3/1996 (25)TEAM: Metro Fight ClubNICKNAME: ManaboiGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.78 m Twitter of Mana Martinez “Manaboi” – UFC

Alexander Hernandez “The Great”

Alexander Hernandez "The Great"

COUNTRY: USACATEGORY: LightweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.75 m, 70 kgAGE: 1/10/1992 (28)TEAM: FactoryX Muay ThaiNICKNAME: The GreatGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.83 m Twitter of Alexander Hernandez “The Great” UFC

Sergey Morozov

Sergey Morozov - UFC

COUNTRY: KazakhstanCATEGORY: BantamweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.68 m, 61 kgAGE: 14/6/1989 (32)TEAM: Erkin KushNICKNAME: Sergey MorozovGUARD: Right-handedSCOPE: 1.70 m

Orion Cosce “Galaxy”

Orion Cosce "Galaxy" - UFC

COUNTRY: USACATEGORY: WelterweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.8 m, 77 kgAGE: 15/7/1994 (27)TEAM: Lost Boys Jiu Jitsu and Muay ThaiNICKNAME: GalaxyGUARD: –SCOPE: 1.8 m Twitter of Orion Cosce “Galaxy” – UFC

Jack Hermansson “The Joker”

Jack Hermansson “The Joker” - UFC

COUNTRY: NorwayCATEGORY: MiddleweightHEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1.85 m, 84 kgAGE: 10/6/1988 (33)TEAM: Frontline AcademyNICKNAME: The JokerGUARD: RighthandedSCOPE: 1.96 m Twitter of Jack Hermansson “The Joker” UFC